Here’s what some previous clients have said about working with me:


Individual counselling:

“I’m not the easiest person to satisfy as a client, and am delighted to have found Andrew as a therapist. While working with him, I’ve found Andrew to be empathic, compassionate and very understanding. I find his approach refreshing and would be happy to recommend people to him.”  Gerry H  

“Thank you for being such a genuine, warm but honest counsellor who was challenging to my narrative at times … making me see things from a new point of view really did help. I feel it’s made me more accepting of all the huge live events that all came crashing on to me at once.” Estelle*   


Integrated coaching-therapy:

“My time working with Andrew really helped me with setting goals and achieving them, something I struggle with doing independently. His style of blending therapy and coaching really suited me and helped me work on my issues regarding anxiety and returning to full time study. Having his dog Toby in the sessions really helped me relax. Toby sometimes loved to sit on my lap while we were chatting away!” Connor

“When I first contacted Andrew I felt rock bottom. Andrew offered great emotional support and practical guidance on how to improve my situation. Working with him helped me gradually come out of the depressive state I was in. It was easy to open up to Andrew as he showed genuine empathy. Some of his recommendations have had great impact on my life and I am sincerely grateful to him.” AT 



“Andrew was a great help to me to get my career confidence back after 16 years in the same job and help me to see that I was not an ‘imposter’ but very good at the job I do, to the point of always getting extra responsibility as other people obviously see it too. He also gave me the courage to try again for a position in an organisation that I’d already applied for three times. I was successful on the fourth try, I believed in myself and my CV was updated to remove a lot of irrelevant bullet points – that was the main difference. Andrew is very easy to talk too and tease out what the real career issues are. I would definitely recommend him as a career coach.”  SD


“I have the pleasure of knowing Andrew on the professional network for a number of years, and as an Associate Coach, he made a significant and positive contribution to our coaching business throughout 2021. Andrew is highly professional in all aspects of his practice. He works with each client in an individually tailored way with empathy and understanding, thereby building trusted relationships from the start. From his wealth of skills and experience, Andrew chooses and applies the most appropriate coaching style and pace, depending upon the individual’s aspirations or goals. For the particular group of clients within our business activity, Andrew coached with a supportive and encouraging style, gently stretching his clients within their capabilities enabling them to move forward along their chosen path with growing confidence, self-esteem and achievements. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew as an extremely capable and talented coach, alongside being a most dependable and delightful colleague.” Dr Sarah Barrett, Director, Inspire Thinking Ltd

“Andrew is a consummate professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, open to learning and always demonstrating his passion for supporting others. Andrew qualified as a coach when I worked with him at Mid Devon District Council, part of a wider and very enthusiastic team of coaches. Andrew contributed to the learning and cohesiveness of this team and was a valued and effective coach. This team continued to develop, and Andrew demonstrated his previously gained skills as a counsellor, supporting the learning of others in the group.  He is a natural relationship builder, showing understanding, empathy and kindness. Andrew has a compassionate, calm and supportive approach which makes him very easy to connect with, talk with and open up to. As well as being a genuinely nice colleague, Andrew is a skilled communicator, counsellor and coach.” Julia Bickley, Learning & Development Manager and Coaching lead, Mid Devon District Council


Couples counselling:

“We are super glad that we chose Andrew as our counsellor. He was able to understand what we needed assistance with and had a non-judgmental approach. With Andrew’s guidance, we learned how to communicate with one another in a more effective way which deepened our connection. We are grateful for Andrew and would highly recommend him!” Ashley & Andy 

“We are glad we chose Andrew to help us with our issues. We feel he listened and empathised with our situation, whilst giving us helpful practical advice and coping mechanisms. Andrew tailored the sessions focusing on what we wanted and showed genuine interest and no judgement for our challenges. We appreciate the help and encouragement he provided.”  R & J


*name changed

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