Tiredness, difficulty concentrating and keeping your interest in life around you, or obsessional thoughts can be signs of anxiety. Anxiety can create a loop of thinking that can become quite distorted, and this can affect your experience of normal life. Extreme anxiety in certain situations like flying or after particular traumatic events, is sometimes described as a panic attack. This can make every day activities a real challenge, and you may have developed strategies for how to avoid situations, or even not going out of your home, which in turn can leave you feeling isolated or restricted.

Although anxiety is a normal part of life, for example before a job interview, when it takes hold it can be very debilitating. It can become a state of fear and contraction that stops you opening out into new situations and moving forwards. This is when you need some help.

Whatever the cause, or without any clear reason for your anxiety – we can work with you to reduce the impact and discomfort this produces in your life and your relationships, so that you can feel more in control again.

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