Feeling down or depressed is something everyone may experience at some point.

The signs that you may be depressed are feelings of hopelessness or despair, and an ongoing sense of reduced self-worth. Sometimes there can be a loss of pleasure in everyday things, and a lack of concentration. Your sleep may be affected and you may feel tired a lot. These feelings may be mild and fleeting, or they can be intense and long-lasting. It is also very common to experience some anxiety at the same time.

You may find it hard to reach out because you feel that others won’t be interested or that everyone else seems able to cope better. Often it is hard to get up and do things, and yet difficult to sleep well. Depression can feel like it stops you living and this itself can feel very painful.

Sitting with someone who can really listen to what you are saying and how you feel, it becomes easier to express the pain or despair you are experiencing. It can sometimes seem like you are stuck, and talking to a therapist can break this cycle and help you to look at what is happening and why.

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