Relationships with those around us can be a challenging and complicated part of life. Very often, it is the difficulties within relationships with those we love the most that can cause immense stress.

Sometimes it can be hard to maintain perspective when facing issues around relationships. Conflict, issues around trust, communication and a lack of satisfaction are all areas of relationships that might demand our attention from time to time.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, therapy can be an incredibly supportive resource.

Conflict or difficulty within relationships can lead to a range of issues. Relationship struggles will often become most urgent during:

  • ongoing conflict
  • a breakdown of communication
  • betrayal or affairs
  • divorce or separation.

Relate offers a helpful breakdown of common relationship issues, which you can find at

Sometimes, we find that we experience the same issues in relationships over and over again through our lives. This can be a frightening and difficult realisation. Much of therapy is aimed at offering the space and support necessary to understand ourselves better.

Talking with someone who is skilled and trained in offering this support can offer the opportunity to understand underlying issues and struggles. The aim of this process is to create more space and insight around the decisions we make within relationships. The overall intention is to find healthier, more satisfying ways of being in relationship.

We will be adding more content about couples counselling shortly.

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